Breaking News: PJBC President selected As Model of Louis Vuitton from Japan

December 03, 2018

Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) President Mr. Rana Abid Hussain the most charming personality among Pakistanis resides in Japan, has been selected as model for world famous brand Louis Vuitton for its upcoming brand


  • It’s an honor for Pakistani community to have such an attractive personality to be selected as brand model for world`s famous brand


  • Mr. Rana Abid Hussain is not only a model but also a role model for youth who wanted to reach the peak in their profession


  • Mr. Rana Abid show its humbleness for such a great achievement and give the credit to Pakistan and his parents to grow him up in such a great manner


  • Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) Chief confirms that he will be on Luis Vuitton’s upcoming advertising material for exclusive customers which will be launched in 2019


  • Pakistani Business Community congratulates Rana Abid for such a big achievement to be selected as a model for world’s recognized brand.



Pak Japan Business Council invites Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) for Fundraising in Japan

November 26, 2018


President of Pak-Japan Business Council (PJBC) is organizing  an event  for fundraising for Damn. For the sake of this noble cause, Pak-Japan Business Council devises a proposal to start a fundraising campaign in Japan and Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar  is invited.


Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar mostly likely to visit Japan in the month of December, 2018.





Pak Japan Business Council organizes Tribute to the Legends

July 30, 2018


President of Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) is organizing an event on August 18, 2018 venue at Nagoya for the collecting of donations for Shahid Afridi Foundation and Wasim Akram Foundation further to pay the tribute to the legends of Pakistan including Former Squash Champion Jahangir Khan, Former fastest Bowler Wasim Akram, Former Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Shahid Khan Afirid.


The program will be hosted by renowned anchorperson of Geo Television Syed Yahya Hussaini and famous singer of Pakistan Rahim Shah will entertain the guests during the program. Venue for the program is designated at



Address: Kanayamachō, 1 Chome−1−1, Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Aichi〒460-0023, JAPAN

Phone: 052-683-4111


Tickets can get through contacting Mr. Muhammad Rafique – 080 – 9481 0786




EID Message of Rana Abid Hussain President of Pak Japan Business Council

June 15, 2018

On this blessed and auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr, President Pak-Japan Business Council Rana Abid Hussain extends his heartiest felicitations to Muslims residing in Japan, Pakistan and around the globe.

He further said in his message that make a resolve on this sacred instance that we would put in all out efforts and energies towards taking our countries to unprecedented heights in terms of prosperity, peace and efficiency.


Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) extends Ramadan Greetings

May 18, 2018

The President of Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) Rana Abid Hussain have extended Ramadan greetings to Muslims in Japan and Pakistan.


He said in his message, “Happy Ramadan Al-Mubarak to all Muslims. May your fast be accepted by Allah.”


He said the Muslim holy month reflected the true spirit and values of Islam, where Muslims were required to fast, perform extra prayers and contribute to charitable causes.


Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) extends treatment offer to Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal in Japan

May 09, 2018

President of Pak Japan Business Council, Rana Abid Hussain, condemned the attack on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal in an intense word, saying that the incident caused Pakistan’s a bad reputation.


Rana Abid further says that Ahsan Iqbal is one of the most respected personality, who is seen with respect.  With his visionary thinking the economy of Pakistan is in the best hands and making headway.


Mr. Hussain revealed his plans to visit Pakistan soon and offer a top-notch treatment to Minister Ahsan Iqbal in Japan; all the expenses will be borne by Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC).


Rana Abid Hussain further demanded that the government will have to take steps to stop extremism in Pakistan; otherwise it will be difficult to stop extremism and terrorism in Pakistan, which can bring serious economic risks to Pakistan’s economy.



President PJBC Abid Hussain congratulates nation of Pakistan Day !

March 20, 2018

Seventy-eight year ago; on March 23, thousands of Muslims from all over the sub-continent gathered in Lahore. They had one dream, one vision and one mission. One that day, under the prudent leadership of Quaid-i0-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other, the struggle of Pakistan started with full force and it ended with the creation of Pakistan


March 23 is the day when the struggles were stream lined. There was individual benefit; everyone was thinking of a broader prospect, everyone was thinking about the Muslims of the sub-continent and about Pakistan.


There were no Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans, Kashmiris, Punjabis and Bengalis; they were all part of a great Muslim nation. Pakistan is a country of over 200 million people determined to safeguard their freedom, integrity and sovereignty, who shall never give on the fore of evil/.


The Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) congratulates all over the world on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

Let’s work to make Pakistgan prouder for all Pakistanis.



Happy Pakistan Day.



Pakistani Community in Japan condemned the short-term incident with President of PJBC Abid Hussain

March 05, 2018


In the wake of short-term kidnapping of eminent Pakistani Businessman, philanthropist and President of Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC), Pakistani community carried out a protest to support the solidarity with Abid Hussain in Yamanashi. The protest was carried out by PMLN President for Japan, Malik Noor Awan and Senior Vice President of PMLN Japan Malik Younus. The protestors demanded the rapid action and arrest of the culprits involved in this heinous incident.

Furthermore the Embassy of Pakistan in Japan assured to Abid Hussain and protestors to raise the matter with high authorities in Japan so that this case be closed on a positive note which can create a positive impact on Pakistani community in Japan.

In this matter, Japanese police assured that they are very close to the culprits and taking proactive measured to nab the culprits.


PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain condemn the unsubstantiated claim of Pakistani Anchorperson over Zainab murder case

January 30, 2018


The Pak Japan Business Council President Abid Hussain expressed concern over Imran Ali’s (accused of Zainab’s murder) local and foreign bank accounts, he said if we remit ten thousand dollars to Pakistan for business purposes, the State Bank needs a confirmation to be submitted in order to satisfy the basis of remittance, otherwise the mentioned amount cannot transfer to Pakistani bank account. Rana Abid Hussain further said that use of such sensitive case to get fame is not the right thing.


Pak Japan Business Council wishes people of Pakistan and Japan a Very Happy New Year 2018

December 30, 2017

President of Japan, Japan Business Council, Abid Hussain along with core managing committee would like to wish people of Pakistan and Japan a very Happy New Year 2018, and hope  that this new year will bring peace and prosperity for both the nations.