The Indian lobby could not do, is done by Pakistan Embassy

January 28, 2021

The work that the Indian lobby could not do, is done by Pakistan Embassy. The Pakistan Embassy started sending letters to Japanese businesses against the Pak-Japan Business Council, the largest business organization promoting trade between Pakistan and Japan, as a result, the investment of 100 million dollars is likely to be transferred to India instead of Pakistan. Rana Abid Hussain, President of Pak-Japan Business Council, expressed surprise and regret over the move of the Pakistan Embassy. He has decided to take up the matter with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Foreign Minister, and Army Chief. According to details, letters are being written to Japanese businesses on the letterhead of the Embassy against the Pak-Japan Business Council which is trying to attract many Japanese companies to invest in Pakistan, while the Indian lobby is doing the same thing earlier so that the investment that is going to Pakistan can be moved to India.

Pak-Japan Business Council Chairman Rana Abid Hussain said that these days he is referring to an investment project of a big Japanese company however, he has been informed by a well-known Japanese company that the Embassy of Pakistan has written a letter to the said company against the Pak-Japan Business Council, after which the company has decided to transfer its investment to India. Rana Abid Hussain has asked the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister to conduct a high-level inquiry into the elements behind this Embassy in Pakistan and working for the Indian lobby. A precedent should be set for such elements; otherwise, all investment from Japan will be diverted to India, the tool of which will be the black sheep sitting in a holy place like the Embassy of Pakistan.




The Pak Japan Business Council Nominates New Director for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

January 09, 2021

PJBC Chairman Mohammad Hussain Inoki and President Rana Abid Hussain nominate Pakistan’s leading lawyer and Barrister M. Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi as Director of the Pak Japan Business Council for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.


Barrister M. Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi will perform as a Director of the Pak Japan Business Council for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region and provide assistance for the Japanese businessmen comes to Pakistan under PJBC.


New nominated Provincial Director Barrister M. Hasnain Ibrahim Kazmi said he is really indebted to the PJBC’s Chairman Mohammad Hussain Inoki and President Abid Hussain Rana and pledge that he will make every effort to meet the tasks given to him.