Famous Japan Automaker Lexus held a ceremony for PJBC

December 11, 2016

Famous Japanese Automakers Lexus hold a ceremony in gratitude and honor of President PJBC Rana Abid Hussain in Nagoya  ON December 12, 2016. Lexus officials appreciate the objectives of PJBC and appreciate the endeavors of President PJBC Rana Abid Hussain for bring the countries closer through business and trade. Lexus further said such initiatives are required in order to promote trade, business and peace.


President PJBC meets MP Antonio Inoki in Parliament Office

December 06, 2016

PJBC President Mr. Rana Abid Hussain meets Chairman or PJBC MP Antonio Inoki in his parliament office. Both of the office bearers discussed various issues pertaining to PJBC and its functionality.  They discuss the plans to improve PJBC roles in bilateral issues of Pakistan and Japan and how to use PJBC in order to bring the two countries more closer.

Mr. Inoki and Mr. Hussain confirmed the schedule to visit Pakistan next year 2017 in the month of March, it was further decided that both will visit Wahaga Border to promote peace between Pakistan and India.

During their visit to Pakistan, both the Chairman MP Inoki and Mr. Rana Abid Hussain will meet  Pakistan high authorities including President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to discuss various issues.