Pak Japan Business Council will conduct anti-dengue spray activity in Pakistan

October 16, 2019


The Pakistan Japan Business Council and Japan’s leading pharmaceutical company will jointly conduct spray eighteen million liters of medicines in four major cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad to eradicate dengue mosquitoes in Pakistan.

In this regard, an agreement has been signed between the Japan Business Council and the Japanese pharmaceutical company, under which the drug will be transmitted from Japan by fifty cans of eighteen liters by Pakistan aircraft to Pakistan where the solution will be prepared by mixing the liquid and water which will be sprayed in different ways to eliminate the dengue.


According to Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain, the pharmaceutical company is a leading Japanese company that has eliminated dengue mosquitoes in Japan, Rana Abid Hussain said in the formula, 50 milliliters of the drug produces one thousand liters of medicine.


He has signed a contract with the Japanese company to produce 900 liters of pesticide, which will produce eighteen million liters of medicine, while in Pakistan he plans to spray the affected cities by aerial way.


According to Abid Hussain, his campaign against dengue in Pakistan will also collaborate with NGOs such as Shahid Afridi Foundation and Sare Aam Foundation, according to Rana Abid Hussain. All expenses including pesticide and carrying Japanese Team will be borne by Pak Japan Business Council itself as they aim to help Pakistan’s poor and helpless people get rid of this dangerous disease.

In this regard, he will also meet Pakistani government figures so that if the government of Pakistan wants to use Japanese medicine to end dengue at the state level or if they need any help, they will fully cooperate with the government of Pakistan.


It may be recalled that Rana Abid Hussain, president of Pak Japan Business Council, is leaving for Pakistan on October 21, where he will be spraying medicines in Faisalabad in the first phase, followed by Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.


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