Message of Congratulation from PJBC governing body to Rana Abid Hussain

October 30 2017

PJBC governing body including Chairman Antonio Inoki and Advisor Jahangir Khan congratulate its President Rana Abid Hussain on chosen and awarded by Lexus Japan for being leading buyer of Lexus in Japan; which itself is a hit in year by an individual in Japan.


Rana Abid Hussain added 12 Lexus in his fleet in this year; which is the largest numbers in Japan by an individual. In this way, Rana Abid Hussain has become first Pakistani and individual in Japan to buy largest numbers of Lexus in year 2017.



PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain became first Pakistani in Japan to buy 12 Lexus in a Year 2017

October 29 2017


Most Expensive Japanese Automaker Lexus called on Pak Japan Business Council Abid Hussain in a small ceremony to award him on account of buying 12 Lexus in this year, this is itself a record by anyone in Japan to buy most these expensive vehicle in such huge numbers.


After this award, Rana Abid Husain has become first in Japan moreover a Pakistani who has bought 12 Lexus in consecutive year.



PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain announced Rs 2 Million for Haroon Abid Jhara

October24, 2017

Former World champion Antonio Inoki organized a sports event INOKI ISM.2 at Tokyo. In this event he introduced Haroon Abid Jhara the nephew of great Jhara Pehlwan at the event and declared him as the best asset of Pakistan.


Years back Antonio Inoki took Haroon Abid Jhara in his supervision and vowed to trained him in Japan and make a professional wrestler.


After three years of rigorous training Haroon Abid has become a wrestler and performing on local level competitions. Inoki further stated that he is training Haroon for the 2020 Olympics.


On this occasion Pakistan Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed also met with Haroon Abid Jhara; praised him and advised to do more efforts to building Pakistan’s image.


On this occasion Rana Abid Hussain of the Pak Japan Business Council also praised Haroon Abid Jhara and thanked Inoki for the training and supervision, Rana Abid Hussain announced that if Haroon Abid Jhara make to get any medal for Pakistan in the Olympics, he will give them a cash prize worth Rs. 2 million.


On this announcement of Rana Abid Hussain; Pakistani Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed appreciated Pak Japan Council that such proclamations motivated the sportsmen.


Pak Japan Business Council governing-body wishes a speedy recovery to its President Rana Abid Hussain

October 15, 2017

Pak Japan Business Council governing body wishes speedy recovery to its President Rana Abid Hussain; who is admitted in hospital these days. In a message Rana Abid Hussain gratitude for all the wishes; moreover he appreciates the Japanese Medical system which provides world-class facilities which can be modify as per the requirement s of patients to cure the disease in a better way. In every hospital on top floor there is suite room which patients can use as per his financial conditions.




Stern efforts are required for promoting trade relations: President PJBC Rana Abid Hussain

September 03, 2017

President of Pak Japan Business Council, Rana Abid Hussein, said that the government would have to take serious attitude to promote Pak-Japan trade relations and to eliminate negative trends effecting on bi-lateral relations.

He said that this move is crucial for promoting trade with Japan and providing incentives to Japanese investors in Pakistan, he said that despite the completion of 65 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Japan, Pakistani exports are limited to 300 to 400 million rupees, although many institutions in Pakistan are willing to increase exports but focus on Japan is not sufficient enough.

Rana Abid Hussain said that he has already informed the government of Pakistan about his recommendations, if implemented then Pakistan exports can reach $ 3 billion in only three years.