Pak Japan Business Council President Abid Hussain will visit Pakistan along with Japanese investors’ delegation

November 29 2017

President of Japan, Japan Business Council, Abid Hussain affirm that he will visit Pakistan along with a large Japanese investor delegation; during his visit he will speak to official of Government of Pakistan for Japanese investment in the CPEC project.


PJBC President Abid Hussain commended the performance of Mr. Ashfaq (Director of Pak Japan Business Council for Sindh), Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed is in Japan these days. Mr. Abid Hussain welcomes Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed in Nagoya City; and said that Ashfaq Ahmed launched the Pak Japan Business Council in Pakistan in a very short period.


Mr. Abid Hussain further said that the recent visit of Japanese investors to Pakistan is going to be a major success, it is expected that Japan will start a huge investment in Pakistan right after last visit in Expo 2017.


On the occasion, Ashfaq Ahmed, Director of the Pak Japan Business Council Sindh, thanked Rana Abid Hussain, while assuring him that he would already cooperate with Japanese Consulate and Pak Japan Culture Association to teach Japanese language in Karachi. While most are planning to open more Japanese language schools, for which they need assistance from the PJBC.


Abid Hussain assured all possible cooperation in the efforts of investments in Pakistan, he further said that he will visit Karachi soon and cooperate fully in establishing new Japanese schools. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed also announced to give Gold Medal in acknowledging the service of Rana Abid Hussain to promote Pak Japan relations, for which he will invite Rana Abid to visit Pakistan.




PJBC Sind Director Ashfaq Ahmed hosted a dinner reception for the PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain

November 11 2017

Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain who is in Pakistan with a Japanese delegation to attend the mega event of Pakistan Expo 2017 invited on a dinner reception by Pak Japan Business Council Director for Sind region Ashfaq Ahmed.


This reception was arranged in honor of PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain for his outreach efforts for two nations to bring closer. Eminent personalities of Pakistan also attended the reception; including Consul General of Japan, Toshikazu IsomuraSix-time world squash champion Jahangir Khan, well-known columnist and author Irfan Siddiqui and other distinguished guests from Pakistan and Japan.


Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain visits Consul General of Japan in Karachi

November 11 2017

Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain meets Consul General of Japan in Karachi Toshikazu Isomura, the two discuss the business and trade matters between Japan and Pakistan and the possibilities to increase the trade between two countries.




Pak Japan Business Council called for a dinner by Pak Japan Business Forum

November 10 2017

Pak Japan Business Forum (PJBF) hosted a dinner in honor of Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain; who is in Pakistan these days to attend the mega event Expo 2017 along with Japanese delegation.

On this occasion; PJBF Chairman Sohail P. Ahmed, Director Faheem Sulaiman, Kaleem Farooqi met with PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain and other delegates.

Consul General of Japan in Karachi Toshikazu Isomura was also presented at the event; participants discussed the prospect of trade and businesses between Japan and Pakistan.


PJBC delegation attends Pakistan’s biggest exhibition Expo 2017

November 09 2017

PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain attends the Pakistan’s mega exhibition Expo 2017 where more than 186 stalls were established in the exhibition for showcasing products by various companies. On this major occasion, President Rana Abid Hussain was accompanied by a delegation from Japan. While in Expo; Mr. Hussain met with Pakistani manufactures and discussed investment opportunities and business prospects with businessman and a number of organizations participated in the Expo 2017.

Further to it, Mr. Hussain also met with Japanese companies participated in Expo 2017 for propping up their products and services.

Mr. Hussain; showed interested in Pakistan’s displayed products and services; and affirm all the possible support from Pak Japan Business Council to the manufacturers in order to pave the way for their businesses towards Japan.