Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan,

My name is Rana Abid Hussain, I have been living in Japan for the last 26 years, I have abusiness worth 30 million dollars annually and I am a Pakistani by heart, despite many occasions, I have never changed my Pakistani citizenship, love the country so much that Pakistan and Japan In the meantime, Pak-Japan Business Council, a non-profit organization, was set up to promote business and bring investment from Japan to Pakistan. I also took many Japanese investors to Pakistan Embassy, they also met Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed. I have many photos of such meetings. But then a trade and investment consul named Tahir Habib Cheema was posted in Japan, more than half of his relatives were based in Japan, their businesses were set up here, several Japanese companies have complained against Tahir Cheema for demanding bribe, it is also known that Tahir Cheema has set up a secret company in the name of his wife to settle in Japan. When I raised my voice against him, Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed started supporting Tahir Cheema. While writing false letters against me to my business partner so that my company gets over, I have evidence of it, false letters were given to the Japanese police to arrest me, I have evidence, I went myself and submitted a complaint to the Foreign Ministry through my lawyer which was stopped by Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed from his influence. I was also prevented from meeting Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. When I was forced to go on a hunger strike in front of the embassy, I was receiving death threats from Tahir Cheema’s relatives and from unknown numbers. The situation of the Pakistani Embassy in Japan is very tense. I may be killed at the behest of the Pakistani Embassy or I may be arrested in a false case by putting pressure on the Japanese police.

The Embassy also called the Japanese police in Pakistan Embassy yesterday, to stop me from going on hunger strike, I appeal to you to take stern action against the diplomats who destroyed my business for God’s sake, took action against the corrupt Tahir Cheema and his patron Ambassador Imtiaz Ahmed. Actions should be taken against the diplomats who defamed Pakistan and my business in Japan and my life should be saved.

I would like to inform you that the advisor of Pak-Japan Business Council is former Japanese wrestler Inoki and Pakistani squash Champion Jahangir Khan.

Website – Pak Japan Business Council

Please take notice of my request as soon as possible and if I am killed in Japan, then Imtiaz Ahmed, the Ambassador of Pakistan responsible for my martyrdom, and Tahir Cheema, the
Commercial Consul, and his relatives.

Please investigate this matter as soon as possible.

Rana Abid Hussain
President Pak Japan Business Council
Nagoya Japan

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