Pak-Japan Friendship Festival in Japan

August 10, 2017

Pak-Japan Business Council held an initiative of celebrating 70th independence day in Japan as Pak-Japan Friendship Festival. Inauguration of the event was done by Pakistan’s Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed and Japanese Member of Parliament and Chairman of PJBC Muhammad Hussain Inoki.

The event was held in the heart of Ueno, Ueno Park. The whole place was decorated with Pakistani flags and buntings.

On this occasion, the Chairman of PJBC Muhammad Hussain Inoki chanted slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. Further Japanese Ambassador sung the National Anthem of Pakistan.

Pakistani Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed praised the love of Muhammaed Hussain Inoki for Pakistan and its people. Further he commended the efforts of PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain on his efforts for the visit of Muhammad Hussain Inoki to Pakistan which will help in promoting the relationship between two countries.


Chairman PJBC meets delegation in Nagoya

August 10, 2017

The Pak Japan Business Council Chairman Antonio Inoki met with a delegation in Nagoya along with President of PJBC Rana Abid Hussain. On this occasion Japan’s parliamentarian and former racing world champion Mohammad Hussein Inoki expressed his desire to visit mausoleum of Allama Iqbal during his visit to Pakistan in November 2017.

Inoki further said that Allama Iqbal is a world-renowned poet and his role in making Pakistan is vital and he has always been keen to give attendance to his mausoleum.

Inoki paid thanks to President of Pak Japan Business Council Rana Abid Hussein, for his efforts to arrange a visit Pakistan, by which Inoki is going to Pakistan where he will organize a Peace Walk on Wahaga Border to promote peace between Pakistan and India. Further he will have wrestling competitions in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi on cultural week celebration on completion of 65 years of Pak-Japan friendship.


Pakistan Bazaar Festival will be held in Tokyo: PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain

August 01, 2017

Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussein said that Japan Business Council will fully participate in the Pak-Japan Friendship Festival to introduce Pakistan in Japan.

A large number of Pakistan’s t-shirt t-shirts, beautiful towels and flags have been prepared for the festival.

In a statement by Rana Abid Hussein, it is very important to introduce the positive image of Pakistan in Japan this time, for which the Pakistan Festival is of great importance.

He said that on this occasion, all the Pakistani organizations working in Japan should come forward and play Pakistan’s soft image.

Rana Abid Hussein said that his organization has allocated three million yen money for the Pakistan Festival, which has provided the management to the Pak Japan Business Council.