PJBC offers to donate a million Dollar snorkel to Sindh government

May 25, 2017

Pak-Japan Business Council (PJBC) has offered a snorkel worth million dollars as a donation to Sindh government to maintain safety of common people of the city. Referring to it, PJBC president Rana Abid Hussain revealed that after a detail discussion with council chairman Muhammad Hussain Inoki, directed to its PJBC director Sindh Ashfaq Ahmed to start discussion with singh govt on higher level to finalize the procedures and terms to handover the snorkel to Sindh government authorities. Rana Abid Hussain further revealed while talking to media; that only three snorkels are available to a city of population standing at 25 million, moreover permission of ill-planned high-rise projects forming a lift-threatening situation which is deplorable.

Rana Abid Hussain stated that, snorkel can be reached in Karachi in few weeks after finalizing the terms with government of Sindh. While Ashfaq Ahmed confirms that he will meet Chief Minister of Sindh and conclude the arrangements to handover snorkel on priority basis.

Ashfaq Ahmed said PJBC believes in notion social responsibility, proposed snorkel is an initiative towards our theme of social responsibility and it will be enhance the fire-fighting capabilities.


PJBC’s proposal for next budget to increase trade relation

May 15, 2017

PJBC’s president Rana Abid Hussain affirmed that PJBC will give suggestions for next budget of Pakistan; in this context Japanese economist are already working to devise a strategy. He further elaborated that trade volume between Japan and Pakistan is relatively lower as compare to trade volume of Japan.


He proposed that a serious effort is required from government of Pakistan this regard to boost the trade level, and he anticipated that government will consider their suggestion for the next budget.


Mr. Hussain stated that PJBC Sindh Director Ashfaq Hussain has been directed in this reference, to get the suggestions from Pakistani economists as well.


Squash Legend Jahangir Khan arrives Japan

May 07, 2017

PJBC has invited Squash legend Jahangir Khan to Japan. PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain revealed that the purpose of the visit of Squash Legend is to meet and talk with Japan Squash Federation and Japan Olympic Committee and convince them to include squash in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

President Rana Abid Hussain further said that squash is favorite game of Japanese as well; unfortunately it is not included in Olympics, however we will try our influence to include squash in next Olympics.