Pak Japan Business Council President Abid Hussain will visit Pakistan along with Japanese investors’ delegation

November 29 2017

President of Japan, Japan Business Council, Abid Hussain affirm that he will visit Pakistan along with a large Japanese investor delegation; during his visit he will speak to official of Government of Pakistan for Japanese investment in the CPEC project.


PJBC President Abid Hussain commended the performance of Mr. Ashfaq (Director of Pak Japan Business Council for Sindh), Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed is in Japan these days. Mr. Abid Hussain welcomes Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed in Nagoya City; and said that Ashfaq Ahmed launched the Pak Japan Business Council in Pakistan in a very short period.


Mr. Abid Hussain further said that the recent visit of Japanese investors to Pakistan is going to be a major success, it is expected that Japan will start a huge investment in Pakistan right after last visit in Expo 2017.


On the occasion, Ashfaq Ahmed, Director of the Pak Japan Business Council Sindh, thanked Rana Abid Hussain, while assuring him that he would already cooperate with Japanese Consulate and Pak Japan Culture Association to teach Japanese language in Karachi. While most are planning to open more Japanese language schools, for which they need assistance from the PJBC.


Abid Hussain assured all possible cooperation in the efforts of investments in Pakistan, he further said that he will visit Karachi soon and cooperate fully in establishing new Japanese schools. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed also announced to give Gold Medal in acknowledging the service of Rana Abid Hussain to promote Pak Japan relations, for which he will invite Rana Abid to visit Pakistan.



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