Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC) extends treatment offer to Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal in Japan

May 09, 2018

President of Pak Japan Business Council, Rana Abid Hussain, condemned the attack on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal in an intense word, saying that the incident caused Pakistan’s a bad reputation.


Rana Abid further says that Ahsan Iqbal is one of the most respected personality, who is seen with respect.  With his visionary thinking the economy of Pakistan is in the best hands and making headway.


Mr. Hussain revealed his plans to visit Pakistan soon and offer a top-notch treatment to Minister Ahsan Iqbal in Japan; all the expenses will be borne by Pak Japan Business Council (PJBC).


Rana Abid Hussain further demanded that the government will have to take steps to stop extremism in Pakistan; otherwise it will be difficult to stop extremism and terrorism in Pakistan, which can bring serious economic risks to Pakistan’s economy.


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