Pakistan Bazaar Festival will be held in Tokyo: PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain

August 01, 2017

Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussein said that Japan Business Council will fully participate in the Pak-Japan Friendship Festival to introduce Pakistan in Japan.

A large number of Pakistan’s t-shirt t-shirts, beautiful towels and flags have been prepared for the festival.

In a statement by Rana Abid Hussein, it is very important to introduce the positive image of Pakistan in Japan this time, for which the Pakistan Festival is of great importance.

He said that on this occasion, all the Pakistani organizations working in Japan should come forward and play Pakistan’s soft image.

Rana Abid Hussein said that his organization has allocated three million yen money for the Pakistan Festival, which has provided the management to the Pak Japan Business Council.






PJBC Chief Rana Abid Hussain announced to bear all medical expenses of MNA Jamshed Dasti sibilings

June 30, 2017

The Pak Japan Business Council President announced the treatment of the mother and sister of the member National Assembly Jamshed Dasti, in this regard; the President of PJBC Rana Abid Hussain stated that he will bear all of the expenses of the treatment. He further said that today family of MNA Jamshed Dasti will be contacted in this regard. In the statement issued on this occasion, Rana Abid Hussain has appealed to the government to release Jamshed Dasti on the humanitarian grounds immediately.


Rana Abid Hussain further said that the allegations under which Jamshed Dasti is arrested are the same as on several other members of the assembly. The same FIR is also filed against Imran Khan and Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri, but only Jamshed Dasti is arrested, which is unfair and the government should consider immediate relase.


Message of Rana Abid Hussain President of Pak Japan Business Council

June 25, 2017

On this blessed and auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr, President Pak-Japan Business Council Rana Abid Hussain extends his heartiest felicitations to Muslims residing in Japan, Pakistan and around the globe.

He further said in his message that make a resolve on this sacred instance that we would put in all out efforts and energies towards taking our countries to unprecedented heights in terms of prosperity, peace and efficiency.


PJBC and JIPC jointly hosted Iftar Party for Pakistani Community in Japan

June 16, 2017

PJBC (Pak-Japan Business Council) President Rana Abid Hussain and JIPC (Japan International Press Club) jointly hosted an Iftar Party and Dinner for Pakistan Community in Japan.


The event was attended by prominent Pakistani Businessmen, Social Activists, Journalists, Writers, Religious figures and people from different walk of life.

At the end of the event; special supplications were done for the prosperity of Pakistan and Japan.


PJBC Advisor Jahangir Khan performs ritual of Umrah in Ramadan

June 14, 2017

PJBC Advisor Jahangir Khan went to Saudia Arabia to perform ritual of Umrah with companions.

PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain on this blessed occasion greeted PJBC Advisor Jahangir Khan on completing the ritual of Umrah and asked for the supplications for both the countries Japan and Pakistan for the peace, well-being of both the countries and prosperity.



PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain meets Mr. Manzoor Hussain Wassan (Provincial Minister for Industries) and H.E. Toshikazu Isomura (Consul General of Japan in Karachi)

June 10, 2017

PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain meet with Mr. Manzoor Hussain Wassan (Provincial Minister for Industries) and H.E. Toshikazu Isomura (Consul General of Japan in Karachi) during his visit to Pakistan. In this meeting Provincial minister for industries and commerce, Manzoor Hussain Wassan was told that Japan is interested in investing $250 million in small industries sector in the province of Sindh. This deligation was accompanied by H.E. Toshikazu Isomura (Consul General of Japan in Karachi) as well.

Rana Abid Hussain further stated that improved situation of law and order in Pakistan is grabbing the attention of world towards the investment in Pakistan in various sectors, in this context Japan is keen to invest in Pakistan in different sectors.



Pakistani Budgets are not privileged to overseas Pakistanis: PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain

June 08, 2017

PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain stated in a media interview that Pakistani government doesn’t have any incentives for overseas Pakistani in both federal and provincial budgets despite of the imperative role of Pakistani Diaspora abroad. He added the Pakistani Diaspora is being derelict notwithstanding of their monetary contribution of 30 billion dollar in terms of foreign remittance yearly.


He said this budget was the last budget for the incumbent government; and it was presumed that they will give incentives for overseas Pakistanis but again this year they are neglected. He further stated that PJBC gave recommendations this year as well for the budget but once again these are ignored.



PJBC Chairman Antonio Inoki announced peace walk at Wagah Border

June 07, 2017

Japanese Member of Parliament, Renowned Wrestler and PJBC Chairman Antonio Inoki announced an initiative of peace walk at Wagah Border on August 14, 2017, along with eminent legendry Pakistani Squash player Jahangir Khan to promote peace between two neighboring hostile nations Pakistan and India.


Mr. Inoki pronounce a peace walk at Wagah Border to bring two nations, international media welcome this statement and showed willingness to join the peace walk. Both the office bearers further avowed that such initiative would bring the peace and harmony between Pakistan and India.


PJBC President Rana Abid Hussain in this regard revealed that PJBC has an aim to promote peace between two countries; and PJBC will create a positive role to bring the two nations closer.



The Pak Japan Business Council nominates new Director for Province Sindh

June 06, 2017

PJBC Chairman Mohammad Hussain Inoki and President Rana Abid Hussain nominate the leading entrepreneur of Karachi Ashfaq Ahmed named as Director of the Pak Japan Business Council for Sindh.


Ashfaq Ahmad will perform as an additional responsibility of coordinator for the Japanese businessmen comes to Pakistan under PJBC.


Pak Japan Business Council President Rana Abid Hussain further said that the council has plans to select and nominate leading business personalities of KPK, Punjab and Balochistan as Council’s director and coordinator.


New nominated Provincial Director and coordinator Ashfaq Ahmed said he is really indebted to the PJBC’s Chairman Mohammad Hussain Inoki and President Abid Hussain Rana and pledge that he will make every effort to meet the tasks given to him.



PJBC Launches Pakistan Made Leather Football In Collaboration With DUNHILL

June 05, 2017

Pak-Japan Business Council (PJBC) President Rana Abid Hussain announced a joint venture with World Famous Brand Dunhill to manufacture Pakistan Made Special Leather Football which will be marketing together with PJBC and DUNHILL Japan.

Rana Abid Hussain further disclosed that he want to introduce international standard soccer balls in collaboration with world recognized brands. This initiative is to introduce Pakistan made products around the globe in line with recognized brands in the world. Dunhill is the first brand going for collaboration with PJBC; in near future PJBC will introduce more product in sports and fashion industry to promote Pakistani manufactured products with Made in Pakistan label on it.

Rana Abid Hussain puts demand to all Pakistani manufacturing companies to come forward and bring new ideas to promote Pakistan made products around the globe; and he avowed that PJBC will provide full assistance to them in this regard.